To meet our customers expectations, in 2015 we expanded our offer with odourless gases (propane, isobutene, n-butane) and their mixtures which are used, among other things, for production of aerosols, ESP packages and polyethylene foams. Thanks to our own production we deliver top-quality gas mixtures, strictly tailored to customer needs.

Odourless gas mixtures with proper pressure are prepared on demand, in accordance with customers guidelines and specifications.

We have our own tank trailer fleet, but we also offer a possibility of customer’s personal collection.

We guarantee:

  • Gas mixtures in accordance with customer’s specification
  • High quality of offered gas mixtures, proven by a certificate
  • Deliveries to customer’s location.

Guarantee of mixture quality

Gazy odsiarczone - aerozole
Laboratory in Malaszewicze

Thanks to our own, modern desulphurization station, we prepare our odourless gases and their mixtures according to our customers needs. We take under consideration the following parameters:

  • gas purity,
  • mixture contents,
  • gases pressibility,
  • sulphur contents,
  • olefins contents,
  • water contents,
  • contents of other components which influence the product’s effectiveness.

Product’s high quality is taken care of by employees from our laboratory who examine ordered mixture on each stage of production process. Product’s quality is always proven by a certificate. 

Products are delivered to customers by dedicated cisterns for transporting desulphurised gases especially sensitive to purity.

Industries we cooperate with

We have our own desulphurization station, so we can prepare product for any given industry where the odourless mixtures are used.

At present we deliver out products to the biggest producers in the following industries:

  • construction chemicals,
  • motorization,
  • cosmetics industry,
  • pharmaceutical industry.

We are the key supplier of desulphurised gases in Poland. We also export it to the European markets.


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