Electricity from GASPOL

Sales of electricity by GASPOL is possible thanks to open electricity market, where each energy recipient has a right to choose his/her supplier.

If you change your current electricity seller to GASPOL, you will definitely see the significant cost savings. We guarantee both attractive price of electricity and comprehensive service in terms of formalities connected with a change of electricity provider, as well as totally new customer approach on the Polish market.

The offer of electricity sales by GASPOL is directed at all recipients. We sell electricity to households and farms, objects being constructed, residential communities, public institutions, local government units, as well as production plants and service points.

As the first company offering electricity, we introduce contract for performing extensive consumer service, owing to which you will receive one invoice for sales and distribution of electricity, provided you will make GASPOL your electricity supplier.

Moreover, by choosing GASPOL your energy seller you can be sure of high-quality service and safety, resulting from the potential, size and stability of the company being a part of SHV Energy group, based in the Netherlands.

Why is it worth to change your energy seller?

GASPOL guarantees continuity and safety of deliveries. GASPOL is well-known, reliable and stable supplier, operating on the market since 1991 – several thousand of customers have already trusted us.

Why is it worth to choose GASPOL as your electricity supplier?

  • You can reduce your bills for electricity
  • You can receive an invoice every month for used energy and distribution services, for the purposes of your household
  • Convenient and user-friendly Customer Portal and mobile application with the invoice overview, usage and payments history
  • Possibility to use electronic invoice and direct debit with control over costs through Customer Portal and SMS/e-mail notification at the same time.