LPG tank installation

LPG tank installation

LPG tank installation
We analyze the needs of all customers precisely and offer solution tailored to them. In our solutions we use underground and above-ground tanks for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) which can be installed individually or in groups.

Apart from installing gas tanks we also help to choose heating appliances, i.a. gas boilers, heat pumps or PrimaEnergy solar collectors.

We provide comprehensive customer service, from design, through assembly and service of LPG tanks, up to all necessary formalities.

Our sales representative will contact you within a day, in order to arrange a suitable meeting date on the premises of your construction site.

Types of gas tanks

We offer tanks for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with capacity of 2700 litres in two variants: above-ground or underground tank.

We recommend underground tanks, especially in a situation where the house is located on a small property or within high-density housing. In case of unfavourable hydrologic conditions we recommend an embankment tank (one of the underground tanks for LPG).

LPG tanks must be located within safe distance from the plot and other buildings’ boundaries – for above-ground tanks this distance according to Polish low is 3 metres, while for underground tanks – 1.5 metres. The distance may vary depending on country regulations. In our offer we also have bigger gas tanks with capacity of 4850 and 6700 litres. We recommend them especially for big houses or small gas networks.

Tank lease

Do you consider of rental tank from the gas supplier or purchasing your own liquefied gas tank?
See what are the benefits of tank rental:

  • price guarantee for the whole year in advance
  • attractive discounts for purchasing gas installation
  • discounts for gas purchase
  • certified gas quality
  • on time delivery
  • you are invoices only for the gas actually used
  • possibility of payment in instalments
  • safety – 24-hour service.

When you choose building an installation with GASPOL tank, we guarantee the safety of installation, having all permits required by law, as well as the authorization issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. 

You decide which option is the most suitable for you.


Offer for new customers

We will prepare an offer tailored to your needs which includes:

  • preparing specification/design
  • completing gas installation outside of the building with ground works
  • completing gas installation inside the building
  • delivery and lease of the tank (above-ground or underground)
  • gas supplies.

Together with completing an installation we also offer a wide range of appliances:
  • Gas boilers: Ariston, Junkers, Viessmann
  • PrimaEnergy solar collectors available to install on any type of roof covering, owing to which you can save up to 60 per cent of energy dedicated to heating utility water
  • Heat pumps – supporting heating utility water
  • Flexible financing. 
We offer our clients convenient methods of financing. Now you can split your payment for tank installation together with boiler, solar collectors or heat pump up to 12 instalments. We reduce formalities to the minimum and offer 0% instalments in addition.

We offer to new customers promotional gas price. When choosing monthly payment for used gas (telemetry), the promotional price will be charged throughout the whole heating season.

Performing installation

GASPOL ensures its customers a comprehensive service in terms of completing tank installation for liquefied gas (LPG).

In the minimum option we deliver tank and gas, while the customer performs the rest of the work on his/her own. We also offer various intermediary options, up to the maximum one, where we do all the job, as well as complete all necessary formalities on our own.

Tank installation for detached house consists of 4 simple steps:

  • Meeting with our sales representative, preparing and selecting an offer, signing an agreement
  • Acquiring map for designing purposes, preparing technical design of tank installation for LPG with necessary arrangements, sending specification/design with the announcement of construction start to the County District Authorities
  • Preparing the ground, delivering prefabricated plate under the gas tank for gas tank stabilization, performing earth works, assembling LPG gas installation and completing final acceptances
  • Gas delivery and the first run of LPG gas installation.

Our sales representative monitors the whole process and offers all assistance necessary on each stage of completing liquefied gas installation.
We give 24-hour warranty and post-warranty service, as well as tank service free of charge.

Gas settlements

All GASPOL customers choose their preferred method of settlement for LPG:

  • monthly payment for used gas, according to the gas meter readings – telemetric system,
  • settlement for delivered LPG – payment is done after gas delivery, within 14 days since issuing the invoice, or in monthly instalments.

Telemetry is an electronic system of gas usage control, introduced by GASPOL. Telemetric device integrates with a gas meter and reads the gas usage and automatically transfers all data to the telemetry centre by SMS message. Based on these readings the invoice is issued for the liquefied gas used in given month. Currently over 90 per cent of our customers chooses telemetry.

Main benefits:

  • Monthly payment only for used gas
  • Fixed gas price for the following heating seasons
  • GASPOL monitors the level of LPG in the tank and takes care of supplies.


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