Natural gas

Natural gas from GASPOL

One of our new products is a natural gas. We offer it throughout Poland, where methane-rich natural gas networks of Polish Gas Company (Polska Spółka Gazownictwa) is available.

If you are already a GASPOL customer, you buy liquefied gas from us, and there’s a gas pipeline being built on your street, in your city, you can reduce your costs and take advantage of the GASPOL offer for natural gas. If you are not a GASPOL customer, but you’d like to buy natural gas from us – that’s fine! We also invite you to become one of our satisfied clients.

GASPOL puts emphasis on tailoring its offer of selling natural gas to customer needs, optimizing it in terms of price, payment terms and settlements. For us customer is the most important partner, not only a gas recipient.

If you are already connected to the gas network of Polish Gas Company and you buy gas from other supplier, take advantage of new opportunities – you can change you present supplier within 30 days. Change of supplier is one of the benefits of natural gas free market. You can choose who would you like to buy gas fuel from, taking into consideration various elements, such as: price, payment terms or number of invoices yearly. You can finally control your expenses, giving us your gas meter reading once a month and receiving an invoice each time you do it – now you won’t be surprised with high bills, especially in the winter.

The change of gas supplier is done without any interference in gas meter, connection or installation. It is free of charge and safe – with continuity of deliveries.

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Why is it worth to change your gas seller?

GASPOL guarantees continuity and safety of deliveries. GASPOL is well-known, reliable and stable supplier, operating on the market since 1991 – several thousand of customers have already trusted us.

Why is it worth to choose GASPOL as your natural gas supplier?

  • You can reduce your bills for natural gas
  • You can receive an invoice every month – you won’t be surprised with a high invoice to pay during heating season
  • Convenient and user-friendly Customer Portal and mobile application with the invoice overview, usage and payments history
  • Possibility to use electronic invoice and direct debit with control over costs through Customer Portal and SMS/e-mail notification at the same time.