About us

New GASPOL logo, the same good energy

We are happy to announce that in July, 2017 GASPOL changed its logotype. The transformation process will last until the end of 2018.

New logo symbolizes our company’s goals and values, which are: delivering clean energy, safety of products and services, punctuality and flexibility of gas deliveries, care for customers, partners and local communities, as well as preservation of natural environment.



We are always close to provide people with good energy

We have a long history of providing people with energy. We have built relations based on loyalty. We have been the business for people and with their needs in our minds. We fulfil these needs by the quality of our products and services. These products and services improve the quality of our customers’ lives, ensure them continuity of operations, support development, as well as contribute to environment protection and air quality improvement. We carefully listen to our customers, in order to fulfil their needs and create proper solutions for them, because they are the priority and target of all our actions.

We are the leaders of liquefied gas market in Poland

We have our own, modern infrastructure: two handling terminals, seven liquefied gas distribution plants and a fleet of specialized cisterns for transporting LPG and LNG. Sea terminal in Gdansk and rail terminal in Małaszewicze ensure us flexibility in choosing suppliers and opportunity of importing gas with higher purity ratio. We have an extensive network of dealers, distribution bases and more than 20,000 points of sale throughout Poland. Over 25-year experience in selling liquefied gas translates into perfect knowledge of suppliers and gas sources. We verify acquired knowledge by additional quantitative and qualitative surveys. We have our own laboratory in Małaszewicze, where we examine the gas quality before we start distributing it.

Certified quality

We are the first multi-energy company in Poland. Our main shareholder is the Dutch SHV Energy, founded in 1896. SHV Energy offers up-to-date energy solutions for more than 30 million people in Europe, Asia and South America. We provide our customers with products which meet the highest standards, in accordance with Polish PN-EN 589:2009 Standard and PN-C-96008:98 Standard. The highest quality of products, safety and management processes in GASPOL are certified by prestigious international certificates: ISO 9001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and unique in Polish energy branch ISO 22301:2012.

Our offer

We offer efficient, low-emission and top-quality fuels, as well as modern and effective energy solutions:

  • liquefied petroleum gas (LPG): tanks facilities, gas cylinders, LPG gas networks, FCA wholesale, autogas
  • liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • natural gas
  • odourless gas mixtures, i.a. for aerosol production
  • micro-cogeneration
  • electricity
  • renewable energy: photovoltaics, ground source heat pumps
  • heating appliances: gas boilers, air pumps for central heating, gas grills, patio heaters, heaters and many more.
Our values

Safety – we give priority to the safety of our work, products and services.
Care – we care for our customers, partners, local communities and supplies of clean energy.
Flow – thanks to prompt and flexible gas deliveries we ensure our customers stable operation flow.
Local character – we are always close to our customers and business partners.
Sustainable development – we strive for improving energy efficiency and limiting negative impact on natural environment.
Leading position – we have a leading position on the market and continuously try to meet its requirements.

We help people to change their previously used energy sources to cleaner and more environment-friendly ones. This way we make the world better.

Socially responsible

We treat corporate social responsibility as a basics of our operations. Social interests and environment protection are the integral part of company’s management strategy.

Natural environment

Preserving a natural environment in the best possible condition for next generations is the part of our strategy.

We care for harmonious coexistence with natural environment and undertake many actions to minimize the impact of our operations on the surroundings.

Our actions include:
  • using modern, environment-friendly technologies
  • monitoring operational processes in distribution plants and terminals, as well as their environmental impact
  • rational resources and waste economy
  • ecology and health education, as well as promotion of clean and effective energy sources, conducted i.a. through social campaigns and the operation of the Forum for the Development of Effective Energy: GASPOL Supports Climate [GASPOL Kibicuje Klimatowi], Particle Hunters [Tropiciele Cząstek Stałych], Balon.Lab. GASPOL obeys all requirements of Polish and European law, concerning natural environment protection

Hot air ballooning​

Since the very beginning of its operations GASPOL has been supporting hot air ballooning in Poland by supplying hot air balloons with fuel in the form of liquefied gas (LPG). In 2009 GASPOL joined the sports competition and formed its own GASPOL Team, which successfully participates in all important hot air ballooning contests, both in Poland and worldwide.

We sponsor: Wroclaw Aeroclub [Aeroklub Włocławski] and Leszno Ballooning Club [Leszczyński Klub Balonowy]. We are also a titular sponsor of GASPOL Team with Arek Iwański as a pilot (2011 Polish Champion, 2013 Polish Vice-Champion, 3rd position in 2013 European Cup, 1st position in 2014 Polish Cup, 2016 Polish Ballooning Cup). By sponsoring the hot air ballooning we promote liquefied gas – clean, effective and environment-friendly fuel.

Every year a balloon flight with GASPOL Team pilot is being auctioned for the benefit of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity [Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy].


Our history

After the political transformation in Poland there was an urgent need to provide gas supplies for the emerging free market. Representatives of Wireless Gasification Enterprise together with Dutch SHV (Steenkolen Handels-Vereeniging) company, with headquarters in Utrecht founded the GASPOL company. 50 per cent of new company’s body was constituted by seven companies owned by the State Treasure and local governments, while the remaining capital was provided by SHV.

SHV present since 1896 was then becoming a world leader in liquefied gas sales. It opened many opportunities for GASPOL, including those connected with introducing quality and safety standards of products, customer service and natural environment protection.

1991 – foundation of GASPOL
1992 – we introduced first tanks facilities for liquefied gas in Poland
1993 – we introduced one of the first autogas stations in Poland
1993 – we began to support Polish hot air ballooning
1994 – we launched first professional ground terminal for gas handling in Małaszewicze
1997 – as one of the first distribution companies we introduced gas cylinders for forklift trucks power supply
1999 – we launched the sea terminal in Gdansk
2000 – we introduced first telemetric solutions in Poland
2003 – we won the Market Leader title for implementing telemetric solutions
2009 – we introduced first air-conditioning and heating system supplied with liquefied gas (GHP) in Poland
2010 – we launched the pan-European initiative called Forum for the Development of Effective Energy (FREE), acting for development of clean and efficient energy sources in rural and low-urbanized regions (www.forumfree.pl)
2012 – we launched the GASPOL corporate volunteering programme called People of Great Hearts [Ludzie o Wielkich Sercach]
2013 – we started the first Polish micro-generation installation for liquefied gas in Pleszew’s gas distribution plant
2013 – we introduced liquefied natural gas (LNG) to our offer
2014 – we became a multi-energy company and expanded our product portfolio, including natural network gas and electric energy
2015 – we launched up-to-date installation for gas desulphurization on the premises of Małaszewicze terminal
2015 – Forum for the Development of Effective Energy again found itself among the best energy campaigns in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
2016 – we celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary

We operate in accordance with rules of sustainable development. We care for quality and safety of our products, satisfaction of our clients and employees, natural environment and local communities’ development, wherever we have our branches. There is an employee corporate volunteering programme (founded in 2012), called People of Great Hearts [Ludzie o Wielkich Sercach]. We are involved in various philanthropic activities for equalization of chances and helping children and seniors. We support natural environment protection, as well as development of rural and low-urbanized areas by providing them access to clean and effective energy sources. Our flagship enterprise in this matter is the Forum for the Development of Effective Energy association, which operates under the patronage of GASPOL (www.forumfree.pl).


Company data

GASPOL SA with its registered office in Warsaw: al. Jana Pawła II 80, 00-175 Warszawa, entered into the Company Register by the Warsaw District Court 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS Register no. 0000021200, share and paid-in capital PLN 116,407,140.30.
NIP no. 7790020583.

Protecting trade marks

GASPOL S.A. is a supplier of clean and effective energy sources, as well as the biggest distributor of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Poland.
GASPOL is one of the most recognized trade marks on the fuel and energy market. Products and services marked with it are perceived as a symbol of quality and safety. Therefore it is the greatest and most protected company value.

Nowe logo Gaspolu

A common trade mark is protected in all member states of the European Union. It is entered into the Register of EU trade marks maintained by the European Union Intellectual Property Office under the no. 015428196.

It is protected and has been entered into the register of trade marks maintained by the Polish Patent Office under the no. R-77939.

It is protected and has been entered into the register of trade marks maintained by the Polish Patent Office under the no. R-74110.

It is protected and has been entered into the register of trade marks maintained by the Polish Patent Office under the no. R-77939.

It is forbidden to use registered trade marks of Gaspol S.A. in the course of trade, as well as for marking goods and services identical to those for which the trade mark is restricted – without prior consent of Gaspol S.A.

In relation to any infringements of privacy policy, resulting from registered trade marks of Gaspol S.A., adequate legal steps will be taken in order to prevent these infringements.


Safety and proven quality of products and services in GASPOL are certified by prestigious international certificates: : ISO 9001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and unique in Polish energy branch: ISO 22301: 2012, approved by auditors of global certification organization – British Standards Institution (BSI).

Care for the highest quality of customer service and our products has been the key value since the very beginning of our operations, which is more than 25 years.

We are proud that our customers use top-quality products and services. 


certyfikat ISO FS Gaspol

ISO 9001 certificate proves that GASPOL runs its business activity in accordance with law regulations, established rules and procedures, as well as continuously improves its processes and resources. According to ISO 9001 system, it’s the customer who is always in the centre of interest with his/her needs and expectations. For customers it’s a guarantee that their needs are carefully considered and fulfilled.

Zobacz certyfikat ISO OHS Gaspol

OHSAS 18001 system certifies that both products and processes in GASPOL are safe – which means, among other things, that the company manages the risk factors connected with its products and processes, in order to ensure safety and compliance of delivered products and conducted actions with rules and regulations.​

certyfikat ISO BCMS Gaspol
Thanks to ISO 22301 system of managing operational continuity in GASPOL customers can be sure of their deliveries.