zbiornik na gaz płynny LPG


LPG Autogas

Autogas (LPG) from GASPOL means high quality, best standards and deliveries on time.

Being a leader of LPG market in Poland, we are also a promoter of safety and quality standards of our products.

We focus on quality on each stage of product development, starting from the import, storage and sales. We have two own terminals: sea terminal in Gdansk and rail terminal in Małaszewicze, owing to which we have more flexibility in selecting only these suppliers who meet our excessive quality requirements. Over 20-year experience in building autogas market in Poland has translated into respect and recognition among the owners of filling stations and final recipients of our autogas.

We have our own laboratory where we verify the quality of each batch of the product held for distribution on many levels. In addition, the results achieved in our laboratory are verified by accredited external laboratory. Only the product which meets the highest standards, in accordance with European Standard EN PN589 requirements finds its way to our consumers.

Each supply of autogas completed by GASPOL is confirmed by appropriate quality certificate, owing to which you can easily and quickly document the product’s quality, both on station and historically in our terminals.

We know that the quality of autogas is crucial, because it guarantees lower car operation costs, lower toxicity, lower wear and tear, as well as silent engine work.

We deliver LPG to the biggest fuel networks, hypermarkets, local and national warehouses of liquefied fuels, traders associations, as well as many individual gas stations. We also organize LPG import for other subjects.

We are famous for our „minimum formalities” policy, according to which it’s enough to make a single phone call at helpline: +48 606 800 400, or contact with Autogas Specialist at: +48 606 800 591.



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