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Why is it worth to choose LPG?

Liquefied gas is used in all places where natural gas doesn't reach or its quality doesn't meet technological requirements.

Natural gas is an universal fuel which, thanks to it high and stavle calorific value, proves very well in:

  • heating large-cubature rooms
  • heating domestic hot water
  • preparing meals
  • producing technological and heating steam
  • diverse technological processes in agriculture and industry.

Calorific value of fuels

Rodzaj paliwa
Wartość opałowa
Type of fuel
Calorific value


- Type of fuel
- Calorific value
24 MJ/kg
27 MJ/kg
heating oil
42 MJ/kg
natural gas
34 MJ/m3
liquefied gas - propane
46 MJ/kg
3,6 MJ/kWh

Installation powered with liquefied gas are all benefits:

  • low investments costs
  • unattended installation
  • no heat exchangers - 100% of gas energy transferred to powered appliance
  • possibility of using the same installation to heat other buildings, heat water or supply gas to kitchen.
Using tank installation for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) means not only optimizing energy expenses but also reducing emission of polluting substances.
Emission of pollutants when burning fuels (g/GJ)
Emisja zanieczyszczeń przy spalaniu paliw
* Source: LPG and Local Air Quality, Atlantic Consulting

Natural gas and LPG are the fuels which emit significantly less harmful substances, compared to other energy carriers. Using gas, among other benefits, eliminates emission of so-called particulate matters (PM 10 and PM 2,5).

LPG tank installation for business

Big transport and storage flexibility means that GASPOL performs gas installations with power between 100 kW and 25 MW, powered with individually adjusted tank park, located in any given place.

Industrial installations can be powered from tanks:

  • above-ground
  • underground
  • embanked

with capacity of:

  • 2700 l
  • 4850 l
  • 6700 l
  • or bigger (non-standard)

Operation of an installation:

  • liquefied gas is stored in tank / tanks under pressure, tanks are filled up to 85% of their capacity
  • after taking the heat from the surroundings or by evaporator gas evaporates and moves to gas appliances (if there is any need, the gas pressure can be reduced properly)
  • in case of increased need for gas, installation can be easily modified (another gas tank and/or bigger gas evaporation)

In high-power installation evaporators are used. These are devices which increase the installation power and replace natural ability of evaporating gas from tanks.

GASPOL uses evaporators powered with hot water or electricity. Evaporators can cooperate with custom tank park of any given size.


Gas price
We offer three variants of defining gas price: fixed price for the whole year, variable price or defined price according to formula based on liquefied gas price quotations.

Innovative sollutions which guarantee comfort and maintenance-free:


Telemetric device monitors the reserve of gas in tank. Information form this measurement are available online for customer in his/her Customer Portal. Thanks to that you can gain access to information about gas reserve in any given place and time, without need to check the level on tank.

In case of low level of gas GASPOL contacts customer with offer to tank refill.

Main benefits:

  • monitoring of gas use and reserve via Internet (Customer Portal)
  • monitoring of gas level inside tank by GASPOL and securing continuity of deliveries.


Telemetry is an electronic, unattended system of gas usage control. Telemetric device integrated with a gas meter reads the gas usage and automatically transfers all data to the telemetry centre by SMS message. 

On this basis an invoice is issued for the used gas. 

Main benefits:

  • monthly payment only for used gas
  • fixed gas price for the following heating seasons
  • GASPOL monitors the level of LPG in the tank and secures continuity of supplies.

LPG vs. other fuels

Liquefied gas is a perfect alternative for all companies which search for savings and more ecological solution.

LPG vs heating oil
Taking into consideration energy efficiency of gas and oil, as well as convenience, liquefied gas is definitely the best solution, especially profitable for many recipents, such as bituminous mass production plants, drying plants (of sand, aggregate, corn), paint shops, as well as in other production processes.


Benefits of replacing heating oil with liquefied gas:

  • appliances do not need frequent service and burners regulation, unlike when using oil
  • unattended installation
  • lack of harmful by-products of gas burning
  • lower maintenance costs
  • technical support during conversion (burners exchange)
  • safety and reliability of installation's use
  • ecological fuel with low emission rate.

If you currently use heating oil, check how much you can save by changing fuel to liquefied gas. Our consultant will calculate the return on investment, taking into account costs of completing the installation and savings on liquefied gas.

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