Natural gas for business

Natural gas for industrial & commercial customers

After the gas market has been liberalized in Poland we have expanded our offer with on-grid natural gas aimed at business customers. Natural gas is a high-methane (high-calorific) gas which means that the methane contents is approximately 98 per cent, while nominal burning heat is ca. 38.5 MJ/m3. This gas is odourless, lighter than air and its mixture with air within 5-15 per cent range is flammable. We deliver natural gas for business customers on the basis of two biggest operators of gas networks in Poland: OGP Gaz-System SA and Polska Spółka Gazownictwa Sp. z o.o. [Polish Gas Company Ltd.], which covers most of the available grid.

Natural gas performs very well in heat production and storage facilities, shopping centres or hotels. It also serves for technological purposes, e.g. in food industry and construction industry.

Our offer for natural gas is always tailored to customer needs and optimized in terms of price, payment terms and settlements. We encourage you to contact our sales department, especially if you are looking for a partner in electricity, not only a supplier.

Why is it worth to change your natural gas seller?

Benefits of choosing GASPOL as your natural gas dealer:

  • A tailored offer that suits your needs
  • Competitive gas prices
  • High service quality – individual approach and dedicated account manager who will complete all formalities on your behalf. Account Manager is also at your disposal at any time during the contract
  • Energy and technical advisory based on long-standing experience
  • Possibility of choosing the form of received invoices (electronic or traditional)
  • Access to Customer Portal – dedicated online platform with payments history, order details and special offers.

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