GASPOL S.A. respects and observes privacy rights of their users. Below, you can find information on the way we collect, process and use the information about the users of the portal and how we protect users’ personal data.



1. GASPOL S.A. with a registered office in Warsaw at Al. Jana Pawła II 80 is the personal data administrator (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator). This Policy applies to websites operated by GASPOL S.A.

2. All the users of GASPOL S.A. websites remain anonymous until they decide otherwise.

3. Information that the website receives about the visitors originates from the general regulations of the Internet that is information included in the system logos e.g. IP number and is used for technical purposes related to server administration.

4. IP addresses are used to gather general demographic statistics (e.g. on the region the connection comes from). Receiving information of this kind is completely safe for the User and guarantees full anonymity.



5. “Cookies” files are IT data downloaded automatically when opening GASPOL sites. “Cookies” files are mostly text files stored in the end user terminal equipment.



6. GASPOL websites use two types of “cookies” files depending on the time of their storage:

  • Session “cookies” - temporary files stored in the end terminal equipment until logging out, closing the website. Upon closing the browser, “cookies” are deleted.

  • Persistent “cookies” - stored in the end terminal equipment until being removed by the User or for the time specified in the parameters of “cookies” files.



7. GASPOL S.A. processes personal data in accordance with the permission granted by the User and applicable provisions of Polish law, including the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data and the Act of 18 July 2002 on rendering electronic services.

8. Users’ data are used for the purpose of carrying out measurement, improving the content and services, informing about the content and services of GASPOL S.A. and conducting marketing and promotional activities provided that the User has given their prior consent for such activities.

9. GASPOL S.A. shall not make Users’ personal data available to any person or third party except upon the user’s explicit consent or request of competent authorities. GASPOL S.A. may disclose anonymous collective information and collective statistics on the number of entries on the website which do not enable the particular users to be identified and are not personal data.

10. IT system used by GASPOL S.A. gathers automatically in logs specific information on the device used by the User to log into the website.

11. GASPOL websites use “cookies” to enable Users to be recognised and adjust the website to their needs.

12. A mechanism of storing “cookies” files that provides for information on the particular user to be remembered has been used both in mobile devices and stationary equipment.

13. A user may at any time set their browser to disable “cookies” files. In case of blocking “cookies” from GASPOL websites, we cannot ensure that the websites will work properly.

14. If no changes are made in the browser settings, as regards the management of “cookies” files, “cookies” will be automatically stored in the end user terminal equipment.

15. The content of “cookies” files does not allow for identifying Users; they are not used to process and store personal data.



16. In case of GASPOL websites that require logging in, if a User fails to mark “Log out” function, a “cookie” file that aims to remember the User will be sent to the User’s equipment. Having switched this function on, the User does not have to log in again after closing the browser session. When restarting the browser, the User will be recognised as logged in.

17. If a device has a few users, it is recommended to log out every time.



18. A user of GASPOL mobile application may at any time withdraw from it and deinstall. Installation and deinstallation of an application owned by GASPOL S.A. is typical for a particular operating system installed in the terminal equipment. In order to deinstall application from the terminal equipment, a User shall follow the recommendations of the producer of the operating system used in their mobile device.



19. A document links only to sites administered by GASPOL S.A.



20. Information provided by the Users of GASPOL websites is processed and stored by ensuring appropriate security measures that comply with the requirements of Polish law. GASPOL S.A protects a User’s data against unauthorised access, use or disclosure. At the same time, we encourage Users not to make their registration data available to third parties and use the “Log out” command after the User ceases to use the services offered at GASPOL S.A. websites.



21. All personal data are gathered, stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data and the Act of 18 July 2002 on rendering electronic services. Provision of personal data is voluntary, nevertheless provision of some data is indispensable for using certain services. Detailed regulations may refer to other personal data that need to be provided to make use of the service they refer to. The provided data are protected from access by third parties and used by GASPOL S.A. only to get in touch with the user solely with regards to the particular service.

22. A User has the right to access and amend their personal data provided to GASPOL S.A. Any person that gave permission for the processing of their personal data may ask the website administrator directly to give access to them, amend or delete them by sending an e-mail to

23. Data administrator shall not in any way communicate, sell and make available the gathered personal data of the website users. For technical reasons, pursuant to art. 31 of the Act on the personal data, the Administrator may entrust other party, upon a written agreement, with data processing without changing the purpose of data processing defined above.



24. Any questions and comments on the privacy policy and the observance thereof shall be sent in writing to GASPOL S.A., Al. Jana Pawła II 80, 00-175 Warsaw.